International Self-Care Day: Six Things Family Caregivers Forget to Do

Home Care

International Self-Care Day is a day established by the International Self-Care Foundation to raise awareness of the importance of self-care. ISF uses the “Seven Pillars of Self-Care” to get family caregivers to take care of themselves. Here are what the seven pillars are. #1 – Knowledge & Health Literacy Are you taking care of your […]

Personal Care At Home – 4 Things Seniors Should Know About Sarcoma

Personal Care at Home

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month so it’s a great time for seniors and their families to learn more about sarcoma. Sarcomas are soft tumors of the bones, connective tissue, tendons, joints, and other places in the body. Often sarcomas first appear in the bones. They can cause a lot of problems for seniors, but if […]

Bathtub Safety For Seniors: Reducing the Risk of Falls With Home Care

Home Care

Bathing is an important part of general cleanliness. With the aging process, the body might change in ways that require more attention to the bathing routine. For instance, seniors’ skin is drier, thinner, and more fragile. Also, seniors who have trouble moving around or keeping their balance may be less safe in the bathtub or […]

In-Home Care – Emotional and Mental Perks You Receive With Age

In-Home Care Emotional and Mental Perks

More often than not, the news highlights all the negatives about getting older, but what about the positive effects? Believe it or not, several mental and emotional characteristics generally tend to improve and develop with age. In fact, aging presents priceless chances for individual development, introspection, and psychological health and well-being. Unfortunately, it can be […]

Alzheimer’s Care – 4 Ways To Fight Caregiver Burnout

Alzheimer's Care

If you’re a family member taking care of a senior parent or relative who has Alzheimer’s, caregiver burnout is something that you need to be aware of. Caregiver burnout is a common condition that happens to caregivers. Caregivers who are also trying to take care of a spouse and children in addition to a senior […]

Home Care-Easy Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Gut Health

Home Care

Seniors need to pay special attention to their gut health. Ongoing research by doctors shows that gut health can affect overall health in big ways, and seniors often have problems with their guts. Slow moving digestive tracts can create bloating and other problems for seniors. Some seniors also have trouble absorbing the nutrients in the […]

Personal Care at Home – Hair Care Tips for Your Senior Mom

Personal Care at Home Hair loss

Aging hair can be frustrating to take care of because it requires work and persistence with tons of patience. If your loved one can’t take care of their hair or they’re having trouble bathing, they need to find personal care at home to help them care for their hair and body. Both elderly men and […]

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