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Home Care Sacramento - Hourly and 24/7 In-home Care Services Available.

Home care Sacramento CA. Our in-home care agency provides top-quality care for individuals who wish to remain independent and comfortable in their own homes. We offer home care schedules ranging anywhere from a few hours a day, a few days a week to 24/7 in-home care in Sacramento

Why Choose HomeCare Professionals for Home Care Sacramento

As a leading in-home care service in Sacramento, we take pride in our high level of care and exceptional customer service. But there are many other reasons why you should choose us for your home care needs: 

Affordable Rates: Over the past decade, HomeCare Professionals is extremely proud of the fact that our rates have consistently been 10% – 20%+ lower than our direct competition, while maintaining the highest quality of care 

Experienced Caregivers: As a California HCO (licensed Home Care Organization), HomeCare Professionals is bound to adhere to the highest standards for caregiver screening, caregiver training, infectious disease protocols (including COVID-19), insurance levels and general business practices. 

Customized Care Plans: We understand that everyone’s needs are unique, which is why we create personalized care plans for each of our clients. This ensures that they receive the best care possible. 

Flexible Scheduling: Whether you need home care services for a few hours, a few days, or twenty four hours per day seven days a week, we can meet your schedule. 

Hourly Home Care Sacramento
To ensure the client is always taken care of, two or more caregivers take turns on shifts to be awake and available day and night.

A trusted and alert caregiver is always awake to care for your loved one. By rotating caregivers, they are able to stay alert and ready when new situations arise with a senior who wanders at night, needs toileting assistance at night, or may become confused and just need some company and reassurance.

Live-In Home Care Sacramento 
Live-in care is when a caregiver works a 24-hour shift taking care of the same client. A live-in caregiver will sleep while the client is sleeping. There must be down-time so the caregiver can take breaks and rest, however the caregiver always remains in the home to ensure the safety of the client.

The same 2 live-in caregivers will share the same 7 day a week client ensuring continuity of care and a deeper sense of comfort for the client. The heightened familiarity with the client’s favorite routines and moods help to better manage dementia diagnoses as well.

Live-In Home Care may not be the best choice for home care for seniors who needs significant or repeated assistance at night with toileting, wandering or confusion.

Providing Exceptional Home Care in Sacramento

24-Hour Home Care Services in San Francisco

Home Care Services We Provide in Sacramento

Here is a List of Some of the Main Home Care Sacramento Services we Offer: 

  • Companionship: We understand the importance of social interaction and companionship for seniors. Our caregivers are there to assist with daily tasks and provide friendly conversation and emotional support. 
  • Personal Care – Dressing, Grooming, Hygiene: Our caregivers are trained to assist with personal care needs such as bathing, grooming, toileting, and dressing. They uphold the highest level of professionalism and respect for privacy. 
  • Medication Reminders: It can be overwhelming for seniors to keep track of their medications. Our caregivers are trained to ensure that medications are taken on time and in the correct dosage. 
  • Meal Preparation: Maintaining a well-balanced diet is crucial for overall health. Our caregivers can assist with meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking nutritious meals. 
  • Light Housekeeping: A clean and tidy home is essential for comfort and safety. Our caregivers can assist with light housekeeping tasks such as laundry, dishes, and general tidying. 
  • Transportation/Errands: We understand that getting around can become a challenge for seniors. Our caregivers can provide transportation to appointments, social outings, or errands. 
  • And Much More!  

Are You Looking For Home Care for Seniors or Elderly in Sacramento? 

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At HomeCare Professionals we put the needs of our clients and their families first. Read our testimonials.

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How Much Does Sacramento In-Home Care Cost?

According to the 2020 Genworth Cost of Care Study,

The answer to this question can vary depending on several factors, including location, level of care needed, and specific services provided.

Overall, the cost of in-home care in Sacramento, CA are considerably higher than the national average. The Genworth Cost of Care Survey indicates that both homemaker and home health aide services in Sacramento are $5,863 a month (based on 44 hours per week). This is significantly higher than the national averages which place homemaker services at $4,481 and home health aide costs near $4,576 a month.

In-home care in Sacramento is fortunately slightly lower than other major cities in Northern California. San Francisco as an example – where in-home care costs $6,101 per month (based on 44 hours per week).

These numbers of course are based on 44 hours per week. Twenty four hour a day in-home care is far more hours than 44, and will impact the cost because of the hours required (168 hours – 24 hours x 7 days per week).

For a clearer picture of your potential costs, determine your loved one’s needs and contact HomeCare Professionals to inquire about companion care providers and average costs in your area.

How Our Home Care Process Works

Step 1: Contact     

The client or their advocate (someone acting on the client’s behalf) decide they are interested in exploring home care. They proactively research service providers or get a referral for a company that provides service in their geographic area of need.

The client/advocate will then call HomeCare Professionals or visit our Get Started page and communicate the general needs of the client.

Home care Sacramento is not appropriate for everyone and during this initial conversation we will be able to determine if the client is a good candidate for home care services.

If the client is a candidate for home care care then an in-person assessment will be scheduled at a time and date convenient for the client should the client wish to proceed.

Step 2: The Assessment 

The assessment is a thorough face to face consultation by HomeCare Professionals with the client/advocate where all relevant details pertaining to the care situation are discussed.

The exact cost, schedule, care needs and other factors are all examined and discussed.

In some situations, it is possible to do the assessment over the phone when the client’s urgency does not permit the time for an in-person assessment.

The assessment is a collaborative meeting where we couple our experience of over a decade of providing care with the client / advocates personal knowledge and history of the recipient of care.

At the conclusion of the assessment clients will have a full and complete understanding of how our services work.

HomeCare Professionals does not charge any fees to assess potential clients.

Step 3: Caregiver Selection      

HomeCare Professionals has a large team of caregivers who have a broad range of experience and backgrounds.

Making the right match between caregiver(s) and client is perhaps the most important aspect of what we do.

We utilize the information gathered during the assessment and take those many factors into pairing caregivers with clients.

Depending on client preference, one-on-one caregiver interviews with the client/advocate can be conducted during this step.

But man clients simply ask HomeCare Professionals to make the caregiver selection once the assessment has been completed.

Once appropriate caregivers have been selected and confirmed, HomeCare Professionals is ready to provide service.

Step 4: Commencing Service   

Once the caregiver(s) have been agreed upon and confirmed, all that is required is a signature on our service agreement and services can begin at the agreed upon time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Care Sacramento CA

“Home Care” specifically refers to non-medical services that are provided in the client’s home. The term “Home Care” is often confused with the term “Home Health Care” which refers to medical care in the home. 

Home Care Services commonly assistance clients with activities of daily living (ADL’s) like light housekeeping, monitoring medications, running errands, and more.  

Home care services can provide services  anywhere from 4 hours to 24 hours a day and can occur 7 days a week. 

If the recipient of care has a valid Long-Term Care Insurance policy then, Yes!

Unfortunately the most common types of health insurance including Medicare do not cover home care services because home care services are by definition non-medical.

Some or possibly all of the cost can be covered by the Long-Term Care policy.

The exact amount depends on the specific terms of each client’s policy. To verify coverage eligibility and other details clients should first speak with their long-term care company and then confer with HomeCare Professionals.

We are experienced in working with client who have Long-Term Care insurance and we are happy to provide assistance in figuring our our client’s policies.

There is also a benefit available through the Veteran’s Association called the Aid & Attendance Benefit. It is available to veterans and their surviving spouses. The qualifying and applying for the benefit can be complicated, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about this VA benefit.


People hire home care services in Sacramento for many reasons. Often, family members are tasked with trying to take care of a loved one – home care services can provide relief for those family members for a few hours (or days) so they too can live their life. 

Many people who try to offer home care themselves find the task overwhelming. There is a lot that goes into scheduling and having back ups in case a regular care provider can’t make it to the home. When you work with home care services, they have staff to make sure your loved one always has someone there. It can be challenging to do that yourself. 

Lastly, professional home care services have the training and experience to properly care for a loved one. There is a lot that goes into knowing how to care for an elderly person or someone suffering from dementia or from severe disabilities. Home care services have the training to take care of many types of persons. 

When you are looking for home care in Sacramento it is important to find a provider who has experience. It seems nearly every day a new home care agency pops up in Sacramento. It is important to ask how many years they have been in business? Do they have a good rating with the BBB? Read their reviews on Google to see what other people are saying. 

Also, we recommend asking a home care company what background checks if any they perform on the people they hire? Home care workers will often be in the home of your loved one with just them and your family member. Make sure the home care company you use conducts background checks. 

Lastly – ask what kind of training is provided to home care employees. At HomeCare Professionals we train our staff to help ensure they are highly skilled and knowledgeable so they can provide the best care possible. 

This is a question only you can answer for yourself. But let us share some experience with you. Taking care of a loved one is almost always overwhelming for any single person to attempt. Often times the person trying to provide care is as old or sometimes older than the person being cared for. This can lead to injuries, fatigue, and illness. It is not uncommon for caregivers to become ill themselves from the strain of trying to provide home care. 

Plus, unless you have undergone some training, or just happen to be a former home care worker yourself, you may lack the skills necessary to make proper judgement calls about a persons care. You might rush someone to the emergency room when a call to a nurse practitioner may have sufficed. You may fail to notice problems before they become critical simply because you are not used to seeing the signs of someone in difficult. 

Lastly, who is going to take over for you when you have the inevitable appointments of your own to tend to? Finding home care staff is a challenge. Finding someone you would trust to leave home with your loved one can be an even greater challenge. When you hire a professional home care company, they have enough staff to make sure someone is always available to help take care of your loved one. 

HomeCare Professionals is a licensed Home Care Organization by the State of California. We have locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Sacramento Area. At HomeCare Professionals we put the needs of our client and their families first. The process for putting a successful care plan in place can vary with each client.

Often our client’s urgency dictates the manner in which we proceed. In some cases we are asked to begin services the within a few hours of the client making their initial contact. In other cases, clients may take weeks or longer before deciding to start service. HomeCare Professionals strives to be as flexible as possible which enables us to better meet our client’s needs and schedules, not the other way around. 

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