Our Services

HomeCare Professionals services are designed around the needs of each individual client. We recognize that no two clients are the same and we welcome the challenge of meeting the personal needs of each client. Care schedules ranging anywhere from a few hours a day, a few days a week to 24 hours a day / 7 days a week are possible. We are highly flexible and we work to establish a schedule that is optimal for our clients and their families. Our caregivers are able to provide a broad range of services. Some of the most common services HomeCare Professionals provides include:

Our Specialty Services

24-hour Home Care Services in San Francisco, California
HomeCare Professionals offers 24-hour home care services in San Fancisco, whether your senior needs ongoing help with daily tasks or short-term help while recuperating from surgery.
Alzheimer’s Home Care Services in San Francisco
Familiar environments offer a great deal of security and peace of mind for individuals with dementia. Our care allows seniors to stay in their own home for as long as possible.
Cancer Home Care Services in San Francisco
HomeCare Professionals’ home care for cancer patients is highly flexible and we provide our service as either 24-hour live-in care, a short-term care arrangement or as respite care.
Veterans Home Care Services in San Francisco
HomeCare Professionals provides in-home private duty care services for veteran seniors and their surviving spouses. We provide assistance with all of the activities of daily living.
After Surgery Care Services in San Francisco, California
Caregivers can help with meal preparation, reduce the risk of falling by providing stand-by assistance, and help with mobility to reduce the risk of pneumonia and bedsores.
Personal Care Services in San Francisco, California
Personal care is one of the most common types of senior home care. Generally, this type of care involves a combination tasks and activities that are designed to ensure safety and comfort.

Our Common Services

Dressing, Grooming + Hygiene
Assistance with Walking & Mobility
Transferring Assistance
Meal Preparation
Medication Reminders
Light Housekeeping
And Much More!

Arranging for Our Services

At HomeCare Professionals we put the needs of our clients and their families first. The process for putting a successful care plan in place can vary with each client. Often our client’s urgency dictates the manner in which we proceed. In some cases we are asked to begin services the within a few hours of the client making their initial contact. In other cases, clients may take weeks or longer before deciding to start service. HomeCare Professionals strives to be as flexible as possible which enables us to better meet our client’s needs and schedules, not the other way around.

Below is an outline of the steps most commonly taken to arrange for our services:

Step 1: Contact

The client or their advocate (someone acting on the client’s behalf) decide they are interested in exploring home care. They proactively research service providers or get a referral for a company that provides service in their geographic area of need. The client/advocate will then call HomeCare Professionals or use the our Get Started form and share the general needs of the client. Home care is not appropriate for everyone and during this initial conversation we will be able to determine if the client is a good candidate for home care services. If the client is a candidate for home care care then an in-person assessment will be scheduled at a time and date convenient for the client should the client wish to proceed.

Step 2: The Assessment

The assessment is a thorough face to face consultation by HomeCare Professionals with the client/advocate where all relevant details pertaining to the care situation are discussed. The exact cost, schedule, care needs and other factors are all examined and discussed. In some situations it is possible to do the assessment over the phone when the client’s urgency does not permit the time for an in-person assessment. The assessment is a collaborative meeting where we couple our experience of over a decade of providing care with the client / advocates personal knowledge and history of the recipient of care. At the conclusion of the assessment clients will have a full and complete understanding of how our services work. HomeCare Professionals does not charge any fees to assess potential clients.


Step 3: Caregiver Selection

HomeCare Professionals has a large team of caregivers who have a broad range of experience and backgrounds. Making the right match between caregiver(s) and client is perhaps the most important aspect of what we do. We utilize the information gathered during the assessment and take those many factors into pairing caregivers with clients. Depending on client preference, one-on-one caregiver interviews with the client/advocate can be conducted during this step, however clients often simply ask HomeCare Professionals to make the caregiver selection once the assessment has been completed. Once appropriate caregivers have been selected and confirmed, HomeCare Professionals is ready to provide service.

Step 4: Commencing Service

Once the caregiver(s) have been agreed upon and confirmed, all that is required is a signature on our service agreement and services can begin at the agreed upon time.

You can call us at 866-940-4855 or or click Get Started to arrange your complimentary in person assessments.

Our Rates

The cost of home care is understandably a major concern for most families. Most clients and families don’t have unlimited financial resources to spend on home care. It is therefore critical to understand not only what care costs, but also why home care costs what it does. Anyone evaluating rates needs to be aware of what is (or perhaps is not) included in that rate; for example are taxes, insurance, bonding, screening, workers comp, etc. included in the rate? At HomeCare Professionals, all of the above and much more are included in our rates. We are committed to provided the highest level of care possible.

Over the past decade, HomeCare Professionals is extremely proud of the fact that our rates have consistently been 10% – 20%+ lower than our direct competition, while maintaining the highest quality of care. Publishing exact rates is difficult due to the many factors possibly affecting the rates such as the location, difficulty of care, number of clients and especially new California regulation. With a few simple questions answered, we are able to provide an exact and accurate quote.

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