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24-Hour Home Care: A Solution for Seniors’ Night Time Loneliness

24-Hour Home Care: Seniors Loneliness in Chico, CA
24-Hour Home Care: Seniors Loneliness in Chico, CA

Tips To Help Seniors Alleviate Night Time Loneliness

Loneliness is becoming an epidemic in the United States. And the health impact of loneliness can be devastating, especially for seniors. Some doctors say that being chronically lonely has the same impact on physical health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. For seniors, being lonely can increase the risk of depression, anxiety, heart disease, and other health problems.

You may not even realize that your senior parent is lonely. Seniors often have social contact during the day by going out to activities, exercising at a gym, or having a home care provider who spends time with them during the day. But at night seniors are often alone, and that is when they can experience intense loneliness.

24-hour home care can help seniors by providing company, emotional support, and help around the clock. Seniors will sleep better and be happier knowing that someone is in the house with them throughout the night. And seniors will really enjoy having someone to watch TV with, do puzzles with, or go for a walk with. In addition to getting 24-hour home care seniors can alleviate loneliness at night by:

Playing Video Games

Video games are a great way for seniors to find social connection and community while also having fun and keeping their cognitive skills strong. Seniors can play video games in the evening so they won’t feel lonely at home. They can talk to other players, do quests together, solve puzzles, and participate in a vibrant community that will make them feel connected and engaged.

Calling Friends And Family

The evening is a great time for seniors to talk on the phone or have video chats with family members and friends. Video chats are a fantastic way for seniors to stay connected with the people that they love. Seniors can even video chat with loved ones over dinner or while watching their favorite show so they can share that experience with loved ones.

Having Neighborhood Pot Luck Dinners

Getting the neighbors together for a pot luck dinner is a fun way for seniors to strengthen their relationships with the people in the neighborhood and have some valuable social interaction. Neighborhood events like pot luck dinners or barbeques make neighborhood stronger and make neighbors more likely to look out for one another.

Going For Walks

Going for a walk after dinner is a great way for seniors to get some social interaction in the evening. Walking around the neighborhood seniors can stop and chat with neighbors who are outside their homes or out walking their dogs. In many neighborhoods people will set up chairs and sit outside in their front yards or on porches in the evening so they can with neighbors who walk by.

Joining A Local Senior Center

Senior centers have many different programs, clubs, and opportunities for seniors to socialize. Seniors can join a current events discussion group, a book club, a games and activities league, or any number of other social events designed to connect seniors with other seniors. Check the local senior center to see what events they offer in the evening for seniors.

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