Are You Burned Out? Here’s What You Need to Do

Home Care in San Jose CA: Caregiver Burnout

Alzheimer’s disease cases increase each year. As health insurance doesn’t cover the supervision a parent with dementia needs, many families take on this care on their own. They stop working or reduce their hours to be there for their parent when home care can’t be. You know this. You are your mom’s caregiver. You balance […]

Reasons for Bathing Challenges in Dementia Patients

Home Care Livermore CA: Dementia Bathing Tips

If your elderly loved one has dementia, you are probably already aware of how troubling bathing time can be. You may have encountered numerous challenges when your elderly loved one is supposed to be showering or bathing. If this is the case, it may be beneficial to get personal care at home services today. That […]

Can Seniors Drink a Glass of Red Wine?

Personal Care at Home in San Francisco CA: Senior Health

Everyone wants to control their aging, which means they must reevaluate their senior living choices. This will assist them in recognizing the behaviors that lead to their aging.

Kidney Health Tips For Seniors

Personal Care at Home in San Jose CA: Kidney Disease

Almost 50% of seniors over 75 have kidney disease. March is National Kidney Month and now you and your senior can learn how to keep kidneys healthy.

Lactose-Free Products For Your Senior Parents?

In-Home Care in Pleasant Hill CA: Lactose Free

In-Home Care: Sometimes as a person ages, their diet needs to change. Some seniors may develop an intolerance to milk or dairy products and though this is not a severe allergy it is something they should stay away from if it develops. However, if this is something new for them they may not know enough […]

Learn About the Common Signs of Atrial Fibrillation Today

Senior Home Care in Walnut Creek CA: A-Fib

Senior Home Care: As a family caregiver for an elderly loved one, it is important to learn what you can about common heart health problems that arise in the elderly. One of these issues is called atrial fibrillation. It is possible that your elderly loved one already had this condition and it is just getting […]