Hobbies for Seniors with Limited Mobility

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Hobbies may work as rehabilitation for the elderly. Many experts believe that engaging in pleasurable activities helps keep older folks healthy and active, which is vital for those with restricted mobility. Here are a selection of activities that your aging loved one may enjoy, even if they have to work around physical limitations. Keep in […]

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Cancer Care at Home in San Francisco

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. As the second most common cancer among men, it is a chance for the community to learn about prostate cancer and support those battling the disease. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2022, there will be about 268,490 new cases and about 34,500 deaths from prostate cancer. It’s […]

Tips for Seniors Managing Their Diabetes

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Not having a full, active life is not an option just because you or a loved one has to deal with diabetes management. Of course, problems arise with treating diabetes in the elderly. However, controlling your diabetes is within your grasp if you have the appropriate information. If you learned your loved one is now […]

How Can You Help to Preserve Your Senior’s Vision?

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Are you worried about your senior’s vision? You’re right to do so. Because your elderly family member’s eyesight can change quickly. If your senior has a family history of serious eye illnesses like glaucoma and macular degeneration, it’s even more important for her to keep up with eye appointments and her eye health. Here are […]

Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

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The bladder is a hollow organ that is an integral part of a person’s urinary tract. It stores the urine until it’s ready to be released from the body. The bladder is lined with cells that, when they begin to change and grow like they shouldn’t, a mass can form and be cancerous. Each year […]

Grief: Helping a Senior Parent After a Loss

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If your senior parent has recently lost their spouse or partner, they may struggle to recover. Grief is not a linear process. Your surviving parent may have good and bad days. No matter what, they will need your support to deal with this tremendous loss. If your parents have been married long, it would be […]

Tips For Getting Your Senior Parent With Alzheimer’s to Eat

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Seniors with Alzheimer’s often don’t eat enough. There are many reasons seniors with Alzheimer’s may not be eating, but you must do as much as you can to get them to eat. Malnutrition is a big problem for seniors, and not getting enough food or the proper nutrients can leave seniors more susceptible to illness. […]

Home Care Activities for a Parent with Limited Mobility

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Your dad has limited mobility after his stroke. You want to keep him as active as possible, but you also have a job and family. When you spend time with him, you want to make sure you plan activities he can manage. That’s where home care assistance can be beneficial. A home care professional can […]

Five Questions to Ask About Your Mom’s Health

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Have you asked your mom about her health recently? As people get older, it’s common to experience changes to one’s overall health. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and arthritis pain are health concerns in older adults. Make sure your mom is doing okay as her health changes. It may be time to arrange in-home care […]

Diagnosed with Diabetes? What Comes Next?

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Diabetes is a health condition in which blood sugars aren’t properly processed. Some people with diabetes require insulin supplementation, but many people with diabetes don’t. What your senior needs depend on what type of diabetes she’s diagnosed with and how advanced it is when she’s diagnosed. After diagnosis, your elderly family member may face many […]