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Dentures 101: Home Care and Comfort Tips

Support from loved ones and home care encourages seniors to wear dentures while addressing discomfort and adjustment issues and educating them on care.
Home care providers can help aging seniors with their dental hygiene and dentures.
Home care providers can help aging seniors with their dental hygiene and dentures.

The importance of maintaining good oral health increases with age. Dentures are essential for many seniors to eat their favorite foods, speak with clarity, and smile confidently. However, seniors may find it difficult to wear their dentures on a regular basis.

When encouraging seniors to wear their dentures, there are a number of things to take into account, such as discomfort, adjustment issues, or a lack of knowledge about proper care. Loved ones and home care can band together to assist seniors with the challenges dentures bring so that wearing them becomes easier.


Education Is Key

A good place to start is helping seniors realize the significance of wearing their dentures. In addition to helping with eating and speaking, dentures also support oral health and preserve facial structure. Home care providers can offer valuable resources that help seniors understand the advantages of wearing dentures consistently.


Ensure a Correct Fit

Improperly fitting dentures can hurt or result in sores, and they can also be uncomfortable. It’s important to talk with seniors about the fit of their dangers and encourage them to talk with their dentist if they have concerns. Also, the gums and jawbone can change over time, which means that adjustments will be needed.


Encourage Patience

It may take some time for seniors who are new to wearing dentures to get used to them. Loved ones and home care agencies can encourage them to begin by wearing their dentures for brief periods of time each day, gradually extending the time as they get more comfortable. Although there may be a transitional period, wearing dentures can become second nature with time and patience.


Teach Appropriate Denture Care

It’s important to teach seniors appropriate denture care to ensure their dentures last as long as they should and continue to function properly. Loved ones and home care workers can help seniors find a denture cleaner that works for them and teach them how to use a soft-bristled brush to clean their dentures every day.


Promote Healthy Habits

Seniors who wear dentures should all practice good oral hygiene. Home care providers can remind seniors that maintaining good oral health and preventing bacteria buildup requires daily brushing of their gums, tongue, and remaining teeth, if applicable.


Handling Discomfort

It’s critical to take quick action if seniors feel uncomfortable wearing their dentures. This could include modifying the dentures’ fit, applying denture adhesive for extra stability, or looking into other options with a dentist’s assistance.


Seek Professional Help

Seniors should consult their dentist for assistance if, despite adjustments, their dentures do not fit properly. A specialist can evaluate how well the dentures fit, make the required modifications, or suggest other options, like denture replacement or relining.


Offer Emotional Support

Some seniors may find it difficult to adjust emotionally to wearing dentures. Loved ones can reassure them that feeling nervous at first is normal and offer encouragement and support every step of the way.


Encouraging seniors to wear their dentures requires a blend of support, care, and education. By taking care of issues like discomfort, fit, and adjustment, seniors can preserve their oral health and general well-being while benefiting from wearing dentures. With loved ones and home care professionals by their side, they’ll feel better about their dentures in no time.



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