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How Home Care Can Manage Sleep Issues

Home Care: Managing Senior Sleep Issues in Vacaville, Ca
Home Care: Managing Senior Sleep Issues in Vacaville, Ca

No matter what age a senior is, they need to be getting 7-8 hours of sleep. If they are sleeping more, it can be a sign of depression or other health issues. If they are sleeping less, it could mean there is something wrong. It’s important to have someone like home care at your parent’s house helping them age in place. But how can home care help seniors manage sleeping issues? Here are some things they can do to help ensure your loved one is aging in place well, sleeping throughout the night, and living a high quality life:


Home Care Can Help Create a Routine

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but having a routine is so important. When you are looking at sleeping patterns you may notice that seniors who have a routine and stick to it every night will sleep much better. Unfortunately, as someone gets older it can be harder to follow a routine. This is when having home care look after your elderly loved one can be advantageous. Home care can help ensure a senior eats dinner at the same time and is ready for bed at the same time almost every single night. This also can trigger a seniors body into feeling tired just by sticking to the same routine every night.

Get Moving and Do Activities

Seniors should be encouraged to move as much as possible throughout the day and they should be doing activities. Home care can help transport them to do activities in the local community but they can also join them for walks or remind them to move around more. By moving around as much as possible throughout the day your loved one is getting rid of the extra energy which can help them sleep at night.

Create a Relaxing Space

If a seniors house becomes too cluttered or they have nowhere to unwind, it can be hard to fall asleep at night. Home care can go through a seniors home and help pick up any clutter which can help a space feel better. They may also help a senior rearrange a bedroom depending on how your loved one uses it the most. All of this can help a senior go to sleep and manage any sleep issues that may occur at night.

Limit TV Time

Before bed a senior should not be watching tons of TV or using electronic devices. There are benefits to this because it helps them keep connected with family and friends and helps keep them entertained throughout the day. However, the bluelight can make it hard for a senior to unwind and it can even keep them up. Home care can help create a routine that allows a senior to put away all devices and helps them unwind before bed. Instead of scrolling on a phone, home care can help make tea and even read out loud to a senior to get them relaxed before bed. There are tons of things home care can do or encourage a senior to do instead of using electronic devices.


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