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How to Help Seniors Struggling with Constipation

24-Hour Home Care: Senior Digestive Health in Manteca, CA
24-Hour Home Care: Senior Digestive Health in Manteca, CA

Constipation is not a fun thing to deal with at any age but it can greatly impact a senior who is trying to age in place. They may have 24-hour home care trying to help around the house, but when a senior is constipated and uncomfortable they can become angry, which means it is harder for 24-hour home care to care and be present for your senior. But constipation is hard to battle alone as a senior and it can be painful. If it becomes chronic a senior will need to go to their primary care doctor for more help. However, if it hasn’t come to that point yet, here are a few things your loved one should try when dealing with short-term constipation.

They Need to Know The Symptoms

You may think it’s straightforward but sometimes a senior can be dealing with something and not realize what it is they’re dealing with. The one thing they need to look for, which is the biggest symptom, is straining while trying to use the bathroom. Constipation may also have a senior feeling like they have not fully emptied their bowels or still need to go to the bathroom after they just went. If a senior is having less than three bowel movements a week they could be suffering from constipation and may feel bloated and unhappy by the end of the week. Once they know if they are suffering from constipation they can try the things below.

Eat More Fiber

Diet plays a big role in how much humans go to the bathroom and being a senior is no exception to this rule. 24-hour home care can help your loved one by preparing them meals throughout the week and finding ways to stick in more fiber-rich foods. Keep in mind that a senior who starts eating drastically more fiber may become physically uncomfortable. Fiber is something that should be increased slowly to not overwhelm a seniors system. A senior can start snacking on more fresh fruits and vegetables to increase their fiber intake.

Keep An Eye On Hydration

Seniors can easily become dehydrated for many reasons. They may not place enough focus on drinking water throughout the day or they may forget to drink water without the help of 24-hour home care. When a senior doesn’t have enough water in their bodies there is nothing to help push things around. Your loved one should be drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Home care can help keep an eye on how much water they’re drinking and if they are not drinking enough it may cause the constipation they are experiencing.

Take Laxatives Sparingly

Many seniors want immediate relief, especially if they have not been to the bathroom in a few days. They may automatically go for over the counter options that will help them relieve themselves. However, before opting for any laxatives a senior should talk to their doctor to find out if this is okay or not. Some laxatives can mix badly with medications a senior is on. It’s important to take these as safely as possible and only if every other option has been explored. Laxatives are a great tool to use in emergencies but they should never be the first choice for your loved one.

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