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Personal Care at Home Tips to De-Stress

Personal care at home

Being an elderly person does not make you immune to stress; in fact, just like anyone else, seniors can get stressed too. You may be stressed due to different things, need more care at home while aging in place like personal care at home, suffer from challenging health conditions, or be stressed about money and bills as an elderly person with limited income. Luckily, no one, not even a senior, needs to let stress rule their lives. Seniors struggling with stress should try these few tips to de-stress whenever possible.

Seek a Therapist

Not only is a therapist a good soundboard for your troubles, they may also be able to help share tips with you that will reduce stress and help you communicate. For example, if you’re not being assertive or speaking your needs to personal care at home, it could lead to stress. A therapist could help you learn better ways to communicate your needs, which could help you age in place for much longer. They are some of the best people to talk to when life becomes overwhelming. If you are not comfortable with solo therapy, you may benefit from group therapy or just simply talking to someone you trust.

Get Help For Any Losses

As you get older, you may lose more people. Unfortunately, this is a very natural part of life. That doesn’t mean it’s any easier to cope and deal with. If you need help after a loss, it’s important to seek it. There may be local support groups that allow you to meet others going through similar stages of life. These groups will help teach you how to cope with stress and be a good support system through a transitional time.

Go for Walks

When you are stressed, you may have extra energy running through your system, making you more anxious. One of the best things you can do is go for walks or do some type of exercise. This helps boost the happy chemicals in your body naturally. Overall, exercise will improve mental and physical health, which may help you cope with stressful situations.

Start a Journal

Sometimes, the things that stress you out are too private to share out loud. That doesn’t mean you should keep these feelings bottled up. In fact, journaling each day can help you understand why you might be feeling stressed and help you move past certain things that are bothering you. Returning to reread journal entries is a great way to see what was stressing you out and form a game plan on dealing with certain situations. Journaling can also help you practice gratitude, which can help you appreciate things in your life more.

Adopt a Pet

If you are feeling lonely, even with the help of personal care at home, getting a pet can be a really good idea. A small furry friend can help you give your life a sense of purpose and give your life some meaning. When you feel stressed out, you can pick up your furry friend for a small cuddle, and this will help relieve some stress.

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