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Easing Senior Back Pain with Home Care Assistance

If your senior loved one is suffering from back pain, consult with their doctor and consider home care assistance to ensure they are aging in place safely.
Senior Back Pain: Home Care Assistance Daly City CA
Senior Back Pain: Home Care Assistance Daly City CA

When your senior loved one starts feeling back pain, it can be concerning when you’re trying to provide the best care for them. In order to pinpoint the problem, your senior will need a consultation from their primary care doctor. Once they know the underlying problem, a doctor will give your senior directions to follow. If you need extra help caring for your loved one, this is a great chance to talk about hiring home care assistance.

This helps ensure a senior is staying safe while aging in place and following the doctor’s orders. Which will also help limit the pain they feel daily. Here are a few causes for senior back pain.

Using Old Mattresses

Believe it or not, you should get a new mattress every few years. If your senior is sleeping on a mattress that is more than ten years old, it could be causing them lower back pain which may make moving each morning extremely difficult. A good mattress should support the entire back and help keep your spine aligned throughout the night. Which should ease pain, not produce pain. When a mattress is too old, it will sag, leading to muscle strain. If your senior keeps waking up super sore, it’s a sign they need a new bed!

Poor Posture Leads to Pain

If your senior is hunched over or has a bad posture, it can lead to lower back pain. If your senior is not working their core, it can lead to a poor posture. Thus, leading to pain. You may think this is not something you can fix, but just telling your seniors about their posture may make them more aware of how they are carrying themselves. In addition, poor posture can strain a seniors muscles, making it excruciating to move around.

Your Senior May Have Arthritis

If your senior has arthritis, it can impact their back and how well they move around. They may need home care assistance to help them do extra things to limit pain. However, if a senior is struggling with arthritis, they need to talk to their primary care doctor and continue to find gentle exercises to manage pain. Arthritis leads to stiff joints and swelling that can lead to pain from excess inflammation.

Scoliosis in a Senior

This is something that often develops as a child, but this curving of the spine can also happen as a senior. If your senior has severe back pain, they should go to the doctor to get tested for scoliosis. A doctor may say the senior needs to wear a back brace, or they may recommend surgery to fix this issue, depending on how bad it is. Scoliosis puts strain on your spine, which can be so painful.

Aging Spinal Discs Can Cause Pain

A senior’s spinal discs will shrink and dry up, causing friction and strain on the back. This leads to less shock absorption and significant pain. This is another thing your seniors’ doctor should be aware of and help find solutions to this problem that is a natural part of aging.

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