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Easy Activities for Seniors with Alzheimers 

Seniors with Alzheimer’s need routines they can easily follow, including enjoyable events and activities, and Alzheimer’s care providers can help.
Alzheimer's care providers can help seniors enjoy many activities.
Alzheimer's care providers can help seniors enjoy many activities.

Even seniors who suffer from Alzheimer’s, a form of Dementia, can age in place. However, like any other senior, it is important to keep them on a routine they can easily follow, and this includes events and activities they find enjoyable. You may be wondering what you can do to keep your loved one occupied, and the truth is there are a number of activities they may like even when they have a disease like Alzheimer’s.

Here are some activities to consider.



For so many seniors, finding ways to express themselves without words is crucial. This also allows for Alzheimer’s care to understand how a senior is feeling, too, which is why it is so important to find activities your elderly mom or dad likes to do.

Many seniors will be able to enjoy painting and what they choose to paint, and color will be a key indicator of how they’re feeling.

If your loved one can’t hold a paintbrush or loses focus on what they are painting, they may enjoy coloring. There are tons of adult coloring books that will help your loved one get the creativity out and will still help them express themselves through colors and pictures.


Playing the Piano

Even if your loved one has Alzheimer’s, they may still remember certain things. Your mom or dad may still know how to play certain songs on the piano or any other instrument for that matter. If this is something they’re passionate about, let them do it!

An Alzheimer’s care agency can help set them up at the piano or whatever instrument they want to play. This is another way for your loved one to express how they feel through music.

If your loved one loves a certain sound or style of music, turn it on for them! Even if they can no longer play an instrument, they may love to listen still, and even what they choose to put on can be telling when it comes to feelings and quality of life.

Alzheimer’s care providers are supposed to be observant, and they will know when something comes up or changes in mood and attitude.



You may think that someone with Alzheimer’s needs to stay inside all day to prevent wandering, but the truth is every single human needs to get out. Fresh air is good for you no matter what age you are or what diseases you may be struggling with.

Alzheimer’s care providers can help prevent wandering by keeping an eye on them. Outside, your senior loved one may enjoy watching a garden grow. They may not be able to handle a full garden, but planting a few small flowers in pots or fresh herbs may give them joy!


Bird Watching

If a senior has a porch, help them hang bird feeders. This will give them something to watch and something to do. Keep in mind that not all seniors will like this activity, and depending on the birds, it may be too overstimulating on certain days. Like everyone, a senior with Alzheimer’s will have good and bad days.



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