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Seniors and Bruising: What Do You Need to Know?

Home Care in San Francisco
Home Care in San Francisco

As we grow older, we may experience bruising even more. We tend to bump into things more often too as we age. It can be from simple things. like when we find ourselves bumping into small objects when cleaning. Though come the next day, we notice a big, purple bulls-eye that has spread over us. On our arm or even our leg, we are left to wonder, “How’d that happen?”

At first, it may look incredibly shocking, but within senior care, it’s a fairly common occurrence. Thinning skin with a decrease in fat is the perfect combination for bruises to appear with just the slightest bump.

How to Prevent Bruises:

  • Make sure walkways are wide and clear. Eliminate any potential dangers that may cause the person to trip, stumble, or knock into objects accidentally.
  • Try to have your seniors wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Especially if they are doing things that may cause damage or stress to their skin.
  • If they smoke, help them to quit smoking. Smoking negatively affects the body’s ability to produce collagen, which creates easier bruising.
  • Make sure there are sufficient levels of vitamin C in their diet. It has an important role in the production of collagen.
  • Certain medications can increase the chances of bruising. Though, understand it is not a reason why a senior should stop taking their medication without talking to their doctor.
    • Aspirin
    • Anticoagulants (coumadin, heparin)
    • NSAIDs (Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen)
    • Antiplatelet meds
    • Corticosteroids

Healing Bruises:

  • Put an ice pack on the bruised area for twenty minutes. This helps decrease the flow of blood. It can help reduce the size of the bruise and also inflammation.
  • Elevate the bruised area, if possible.
  •  Wrap the bruise with a  compression bandage to minimize swelling.
  • If a bruise appears without cause or you are worried about a specific bruise, it’s best to contact your doctor as soon as possible. It’s important especially if a new medication was started, bleeding is happening in the gums, nose, or another area of the body.

With a home care agency, it’s important that we make sure our seniors are well cared for. Ensuring they are not injuring themselves accidentally. Bruises can develop easily. They are just one of the many things that change as we age. However, it’s best to try to prevent them, because sometimes they can point us to something else entirely. We need to be careful in our surroundings and observant of new bruising. With home care, we can make sure your senior is well cared for with services, such as:

  • Help with personal care needs: bathing, showering, and other needs, including skincare
  • Assisting with exercise programs to improve balance and strength
  • Support and help with transferring or walking
  • Watching for and reporting any changes in the condition right away
  • Ensuring an organized and tidy home atmosphere that is free from fall hazards
  • Much more

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Home Care in San Fransico, CA, contact the friendly staff at Home Care Professionals today.
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