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Walking 101: Tips and Tricks for Seniors to Stay Active

By implementing these suggestions, in-home care can play a significant role in helping seniors incorporate more walking into their daily routine.
In-Home Care: Walking for Seniors in Tracy, CA
In-Home Care: Walking for Seniors in Tracy, CA

It’s common knowledge that seniors need to maintain an active lifestyle to help them feel better both physically and mentally as they age. One of the easiest ways to do this is by walking. Seniors can go at their own pace, walk with friends or in-home care, and even walk in their homes using exercise videos or YouTube. Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks to encourage seniors to walk more.

Encourage Realistic Goals

When walking is first suggested, it might seem like an easy task. However, if seniors struggle with mobility issues or have been mostly sedentary, walking is harder than it might seem. In-home care can assist seniors in setting realistic goals that are based on their current health and ability levels. This not only helps seniors see the progress they make over time, but it also encourages them to keep going and not get frustrated because they’re trying to achieve something that’s out of their reach from the start.

Make It a Social Event

Going for a walk with a friend, relative, or pet is fun, but this might not be available for some seniors. If this is the case, in-home care can walk with them, or they might look into joining a local walking group. This also encourages relationship building, which can strengthen seniors’ support systems.

Choose Safe and Accessible Routes

It’s important for seniors to choose walking routes that are both safe and accessible. They should choose pathways that are well-lit, have level surfaces, few barriers, and enough places to stop and relax. Indoor tracks, parks, and shopping centers are great choices, especially in bad weather.

Include Technology

Using technology to encourage seniors to walk more can be a great idea. In addition to tracking steps, setting reminders, and monitoring progress, fitness trackers and smartphone apps can also offer real-time feedback and incentives. Senior-specific apps are also available, with features like enlarged fonts and streamlined user interfaces.

Split Walking Into Manageable Segments

Not all seniors can get in 30 minutes of walking at one time. If this is the case, in-home care can encourage them to split the 30 minutes into smaller chunks throughout the day. Even quick walks of ten minutes a few times a day can have a major positive impact on health.

Focus on Footwear

Loved ones should talk with seniors about wearing walking-appropriate footwear and apparel. It’s important to invest in stable, cozy shoes that will cushion their feet and lower their chance of falling. In addition, in-home care can help seniors and loved ones research walking assistance devices like canes or walking poles if needed.

What Benefits Can Seniors Get From Walking Each Day?

There are many advantages to walking each day. In-home care can talk with seniors about these benefits, including how walking can strengthen bones and muscles, reduce joint discomfort, elevate mood, and improve cardiovascular health and general quality of life.

Getting seniors to walk more throughout the day is a good idea that can have a big impact on their physical and emotional health. In-home care and loved ones can encourage seniors to embrace walking as a fun and convenient form of exercise by putting the above suggestions into practice.


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