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Home Care Assistance: Does Your State Require Your Parents to Pass a Mature Driving Test?

Home Care Assistance in Pleasant Hill CA: Mature Driving Test
Home Care Assistance in Pleasant Hill CA: Mature Driving Test

Home Care Assistance: Some states require older drivers to re-test when they turn a certain age.

Others leave it up to drivers and their families to decide if a re-test is necessary. Does your state require your mom and dad to pass a driving test for mature drivers? Home care assistance can be a great help while navigating this to keep tabs on your seniors as they drive.


Not Many States Do

Only a handful of states require older drivers to pass a driving exam. It can be difficult to demand this due to age discrimination laws.

Some, such as Arizona, require proof that the driver has passed an eye exam within the past few months. If an eye exam is necessary, it’s often allowed to include a copy of the exam results at your eye doctor. Some states require older drivers to go to the DMV for a vision test.

Which states require re-testing? Illinois and New Hampshire require a road test once the driver turns 75. Whether parallel parking is included on a re-test or not is determined by each state. In North Carolina, if an older driver is asked to come in for a re-test, parallel parking is not required.

Washington D.C. may require a written and road test after the age of 74 if a doctor’s statement is not provided at the time of renewal. Drivers 70 and older must provide medical certification. In Nevada, drivers who renew by mail must also include a statement from their doctor.


Signs Your Parents Shouldn’t Drive

Many states leave it to friends and family members to alert the DMV if an older driver should be re-examined. If you live in a state where you or another person has to initiate a re-test, how do you know? What are the signs that your mom and dad shouldn’t be driving? Here are the signs to look for.

  • Vision diminishes
  • Struggles with steering
  • Never turns to check blind spots and relies solely on mirrors
  • Hides damage to the car
  • Has health issues like dementia, a heart attack, or stroke
  • Getting more tickets than usual
  • Forgets to check blind spots
  • Fails to merge correctly
  • Easily lost while driving
  • Cannot move feet quickly between pedals
  • Being in more accidents than in the past


Hire Caregivers to Provide Transportation

What can you do if your parents are no longer allowed to drive? They don’t have to stop going out, and you’re not the person who has to drive them around. Call a senior home care specialist and ask about transportation assistance.

Instead of risking their safety or making you rearrange your work schedule, their home care assistance providers can drive them to stores, senior centers, area businesses, and medical offices. Call a senior home care expert to make the arrangements.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Home Care Assistance in Pleasant Hill, CA, contact the friendly staff at Home Care Professionals today. Call (866)-940-4855


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