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Finding ways to keep your heart healthy is important no matter what age but for seniors, health can be put on the back burner, especially if it involves something they cannot see. A doctor may have to tell a senior to focus on heart health before they start on their own, or home care may have to remind your loved one to focus on heart health every day. No matter what, it is important to maintain heart health as a senior, and here are some simple ways you can encourage your loved one.

Eat a Diet Low In Sodium

Here is the thing, diet is crucial for a senior to live healthily. But diet is also the one thing seniors may not care enough about. They may gravitate towards easy, quick foods that are frozen or come packaged, which usually contain a high amount of sodium. Salt is bad for your heart as excessive intake can contribute to high blood pressure, which increases the strain on the heart and raises the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. If your loved one needs help preparing nutritious meals, it’s time to find home care who can help them around the house. Finding ways to sneak in more fresh fruits and vegetables will help a senior focus on heart health.

Go For a Light Walk

A senior may stop moving around because they can no longer exercise the way they used to. They may think that there is no point in moving since they can’t run or lift weights. However, the minute they decide to stop moving is the minute they put their body at risk of developing a horrible disease and when their heart can take a hit. The more a senior moves around, even if it’s just a light walk, the healthier their heart will be. It can be a good habit to wake up and go for a 15-minute walk in the morning and a good way to end their day with a nice walk. This breaks it into two short walks that are easy on the body but crucial for overall health and well-being.

Minimize Stress

You may not realize it, but if your senior is stressed out, it can make them sick and exhausted and affect heart health. It’s time to find ways for your seniors to learn to relax so they take stress off of their heart. Encourage them to talk to a therapist, try yoga, meditative walks around the neighborhood, or find an outlet. Stress can make your heart weak, and it should not be overlooked.

Quit Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

When your loved one has bad habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol every night, these are two highly addictive habits. They can be hard to knock, but it is crucial that your senior finds support and does indeed quit these habits. Both of these habits are linked to bad heart health and can have horrible impacts on your loved ones’ health. If you want to keep your loved one’s heart healthy, it’s time to find help and encourage them to quit smoking and drinking.

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