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Personal Care at Home: What Can Contribute to Your Senior Falling Out of Bed?

Personal Care at Home in Walnut Creek CA: Senior Falls
Personal Care at Home in Walnut Creek CA: Senior Falls

Personal Care at Home: Understanding what can make a fall out of bed more likely for your senior allows you to put solutions in place for her.

Changes in Her Bedroom or Her Habits

When your elderly family member’s habits or sleeping environment changes, that can contribute to a fall from the bed. Getting a new bed, for instance, can be great for her comfort, but when she isn’t used to it, that can cause potential safety issues. You and your personal care at home provider can consider how any changes she makes can affect her safety as you’re making those changes.

Medications and Medication Side Effects

Medication side effects are always a concern when it comes to fall risk, and that’s no different when it comes to your senior’s experiences around potentially falling out of her bed. Something that’s important to remember is that even if your elderly family member has taken specific medications for a long time, her reactions to that medication can change over time. Talk with her doctor about how the medications she takes affect her.

Health Issues

A wide range of health issues ranging from recovering from surgeries to problems with balance can all impact your senior’s ability to avoid a fall. Having help with health issues from personal care at home can make a big difference in keeping your senior’s health where it needs to be. Make sure that you and your senior know what to watch for in terms of worsening health issues.

Vision Changes

How well your senior can see has a huge impact on her ability to avoid a fall, even in bed. If your senior is experiencing vision changes, she may feel unstable when she’s getting into or out of bed. Or it may be difficult for her to find her glasses when she doesn’t have them in the right spot. Elder care providers can make it easier for your senior to keep tabs on the items that she needs in order to be safer.

Cognitive Changes

Changes to your senior’s cognition can also affect her ability to get into and out of bed safely. Sundowning in particular can cause disorientation that makes it difficult for your senior to stay as safe as possible. Personal care at home can help your elderly family member to be safer when she’s getting into and out of bed.
Any falls are dangerous, but it can be especially dangerous for your senior to fall out of bed or when she’s trying to get into or out of bed.


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