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What’s the Best Alternative to Family Care?

Personal Care at Home in Palo Alto
Personal Care at Home in Palo Alto

Your mom’s chronic health condition limits her mobility. Your family is doing everything possible to assist her throughout the week, but you all have full-time jobs and families of your own.

How can you balance your mom’s needs with your life? If you can’t be a full-time family caregiver, what’s the best alternative?

Create a Family Care Team

If you don’t have enough time to help your mom with everything she needs, how about the rest of the family? Do other family members have more time available? If you team up, how much gets done?

Build a list of the things your mom needs help doing. How often are they completed? If changing her sheets on her own proves too difficult, that’s probably done each week or every other week. Shopping is a weekly chore. Laundry is also weekly.

Meal preparation is a daily chore. She has to take her medications each day. Scheduling appointments is completed a few times a year. Ordering and picking up prescription medications is a monthly chore.

Take the frequency she needs help and build a monthly care calendar. Ask other family caregivers to share when they’re free, and sign up for some of the days on the calendar. What’s left over? You can’t just leave your mom alone to fend for herself.

Personal Care Is a Great Substitution

Have you investigated personal care at home services? They’re a great alternative to family care. Instead of struggling to find time to help your mom, a trained caregiver helps.

Your mom loves to garden, but she struggles to carry the tools to the garden or use the wheelbarrow. Her caregiver can help her. If there are crops to carry into the home, her caregiver is ready to assist.

When your mom wants to take a walk, but doesn’t want to go alone, her caregiver is there. As she has company on her walk, your mom may exceed the 30-minute goal, which is even better for her heart and for aiding muscle and joint health.

Personal care aides also cook meals, clean your mom’s home, get the mail, help her organize bills from junk, and do the laundry. They take her shopping, bring her to her appointments, and assist as she schedules follow-up appointments.

When she’s seen her doctor, dentist, or optometrist, her caregiver fills you in on the specifics. So, you’ll be kept updated, so that you know if there are concerns you should be helping address.

When your mom needs your help, but you’re finding yourself overworked, bring in personal care at home aides. They can help your mom with everything mentioned above and more. Your mom doesn’t have to be alone, and you don’t have to stop having time for yourself. With personal care at home, everyone is happy.

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