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Home Care Services: Self-Care Steps You Shouldn’t Ignore

Home Care Services: One of the nicest things you can do for yourself is to practice self-care. If you're not caring for yourself, who is?
Home Care Services in Sunny Vale CA
Home Care Services in Sunny Vale CA

Home Care Services: One of the nicest things you can do for yourself is to practice self-care.

If you’re not caring for yourself, who is? Providing care to your aging mom and dad is a loving act, but it shouldn’t be at your expense. Self-care is essential when it comes to your health, happiness, and social needs. With these tips, you can provide yourself with the things you need without leaving your parents to fend for themselves. Home Care Services can be a real help for you.


Take Time Off

When was the last time you took a day off? If it’s been weeks, months, or even years, it’s time for a break. Depending on your budget, you could rent a lakehouse for a week, book a spa for a day, or stay at home in your pajamas and enjoy a lazy day.

If you had a job in banking and your boss asked you to work seven days a week without ever taking a holiday or day off, would you ever agree to those terms? No one would, as it’s not sustainable. When caring for your parents, you need the same breaks you’d have in the working world. You might find it stressful enough that more frequent breaks are necessary for your mental or physical health.


Insist That Family Helps Out

Stop taking on too much. Ask others to chip in. There are two important reasons to ask your family for help.

One, it frees up some of the hours of care needed so that you can take a break. If you have a full schedule of tasks your parents need help completing, it’s hard to take time off. If your sister offers to take your parents out to lunch and will take them grocery shopping after, say yes. You now have a few hours free to visit with your friends.

Two, it allows your parents to socialize with a wider range of people. They only get to see your cousin once a year. If your cousin is free and wants to spend a day with them, use that day to enjoy a break or catch up on errands. Both you and your parents win with this type of surprise arrangement.


Pay Attention to Your Limits

Listen to your body. If your back is on fire and pain meds aren’t helping, it’s time to see your doctor. Make sure you haven’t strained anything. Your doctor may recommend taking a break and giving your body time to heal. Do so by arranging personal care at home for your mom and dad.

With home care services, they have caregivers helping with daily tasks. They don’t miss your help, but you have the break you need to heal. Call a home care agency to find out more about personal care at home.

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