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Five Nutritional Issues Seniors Encounter When Trying to Stay Healthy

When seniors are having trouble with nutrition, they also start to have trouble staying healthy. 24-hour home care can help them overcome these challenges.
24-hour home care

As seniors age, it’s more important than ever before for them to remain as healthy as possible. Often that means eating a healthy diet on a consistent basis. But that can be more complicated than family caregivers realize, especially if seniors are facing some of these challenges. One solution is to bring in help from 24-hour home care services.

Trouble Chewing and Swallowing

An incredibly common problem for aging adults when they’re trying to eat healthfully and stay healthy is that they have trouble chewing and swallowing food. Raw veggies and fruits, meat, and even supposedly softer foods like bread can all pose problems. Seniors may need to rule out medical and dental problems first, which can give them a head start on solving these issues. From there, it can help seniors to have home care assistance available to ensure they’ve got the assistance they need in preparing foods they can eat. They may also need help in other ways, such as reminding them to chew carefully and prompting them to swallow properly.


Seniors run into a variety of digestive issues as they grow older. Acid reflux, bloating, and other uncomfortable symptoms are all quite common. This can cause seniors to either stop eating or to choose less healthy foods that might be easier on their systems. Some solutions to try could include switching to lactose-free milk, adding yogurt to the menu, or trying vegetable juices instead of whole vegetables. Making these swaps can sometimes make a difference.

Trouble Shopping for Food

Seniors often find it more difficult than ever before to do simple things, like get to the grocery store and shop for healthy foods. There may be mobility concerns, including the inability to drive, along with other challenges that play into this issue. 24-hour home care providers are able to keep an eye on food storage for seniors, help plan meals, and assist with shopping for food. This takes a huge load off of aging adults and allows them to simply enjoy their meals.

Difficulty Preparing Meals

So many health issues, including cognitive concerns, have a direct impact on a senior’s ability to prepare meals for themselves. It can be tough for seniors to properly hold cooking utensils or physically do what needs to be done for meal preparation. Having help from home care providers can make all the difference for aging adults. When they’re not eating healthy meals, they’re more likely to lose strength and stamina, which further contributes to daily activities becoming more difficult.

Lack of Appetite

When seniors are battling a variety of health issues, they may find that their health issues start to affect their appetites. Other issues, like eating alone and feeling lonely, can also be a problem. 24-hour home care providers can help seniors to have the tools and support they need to deal with a lack of appetite. If the problem is medical, caregivers can remind them to stay on track with their care plans.

Ultimately, it’s all about making sure that seniors have the nutritional support that they need in order to bolster their health. 24-hour home care services can offer a variety of different types of support around the clock to help seniors live their best lives.

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