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Have You Heard of the Nine Rights of the Elderly?

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In 2012, the United Nations and John Hopkins University created the “The Protection of the Elderly Model Law.” These nine “rights” are things that every family tries to ensure happen as their parents age.

Much of it is common sense, but it’s also very important for helping your parent remain independent and safe. While these are not always actual legal rights, they are important to keep in mind as your dad ages at home.

Freedom From Abuse and Neglect

Scammers are everywhere. Not only does your dad have to worry about people scamming him by phone or email, but there are also door-to-door scams where people prey on older adults who live alone.

One of these occurs when an alleged roofer or other contractor claims to be doing a job down the road. While passing by the worker spotted something wrong at your dad’s house and will do the work for a discount. All he has to do is write a check for the deposit at that moment.

Your dad should check with someone else before he agrees to an arrangement like this. He can ask his local police through the normal phone line if there have been any contractor scams in the area. He should research that the contractor is licensed, if needed, and has a positive reputation.

Freedom From Discrimination

No one should keep your dad from getting important health screenings because of his age, gender, race, etc. He shouldn’t be turned away from stores, financial services, or other businesses because of his age, race, etc. It’s discriminatory. He has the same right to services in medical practices, banks, stores, or area businesses as any other person.

The Right to Adequate Healthcare

Your dad also has the right to adequate healthcare. He should never be told a hospital won’t help him because he doesn’t have insurance coverage. If he is, he needs to talk to his state’s ombudsman.

The Right to Dignity

Your dad has the right to be treated with dignity. People should be kind, even if he’s being particularly moody or argumentative.

The Right to Maintenance

No matter his lack of finances, your dad has a right to have a place to live, clothing, and food. If he cannot afford these on his own, see if a family member has space to take him in.

The Right to Material Assistance

If your dad is struggling to get to his appointments, he has the right to transportation services for the elderly. He also has the right to apply for social services if he struggles to pay for his food, electricity, and heating fuel.

The Right to Participate in Society

Your dad needs to be social, and that means being part of society. He can volunteer within his community, attend social events at community centers, or participate in activities at his area senior center.

The Right to Property

Any assets your dad has are his to decide what to do with them. Setting up a will is the best way to protect his property from ending up in the wrong hands.

The Right to Work

If your dad still wants to work, he can. He might need to work a few hours a week as he gets older, but there are plenty of jobs out there that he could do. Bagging groceries or greeting people in a business are part-time jobs that are often available for older adults

Your dad may need help to ensure these aspects of daily life are met. If you’re not close enough to provide the support he needs to stay active, safe, and as healthy as possible, arrange home care services to help him.

Home care is a good way to support your dad’s desire to remain independent without risking his health or safety. Call a home care agency to learn more.

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