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Post-Hospital Care Tips To Help Seniors Recover At Home

Post-Hospital Care

Being in the hospital can be very difficult for seniors both physically and mentally. If your senior parent has been in the hospital because they had a fall or had an illness or a surgery when they are released from the hospital they may need additional time to recover at home. Many seniors recover faster at home because they are in a familiar and comfortable place. So be sure to ask your senior parent’s doctor if they can recover at home instead of at a rehab facility.

Your senior parent’s doctor may recommend post-hospital care at home to make sure that your senior parent gets the kind of care they need while recovering at home. Post-hospital care is a good idea for seniors after a hospital stay so that they’re not alone. Some other tips that can help seniors who are recovering at home after a hospital stay are:

Start Moving As Soon As Possible

After being in bed for weeks or even months seniors need to start moving again as soon as possible. It’s likely that your senior parent will need physical therapy and they will be working on getting their mobility back. But they don’t need to wait for physical therapy to start moving. If your senior parent can get up to use the bathroom on their own or eat meals at the table they should do that. If not, they can do some stretching and other exercises in bed to help their mobility. All movement counts, and the more your senior parent moves the healthier they will be.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

When seniors come home from the hospital they may want to start getting dressed every day again and resuming their old life as much as possible. But seniors often are not ready to just pick up their old lives again immediately when they get back. And that’s ok. Seniors and their families should not get upset about all the things that seniors can’t do after a hospital stay. Instead, they should focus on the things that seniors can do and their daily progress. Seniors need to be able to focus on just getting well. Making some progress charts and other motivational tools can help seniors stop worrying about the small stuff and focus on their improvement and their recovery goals.

Establish A New Routine

Seniors will need to establish a new routine after they come home from a hospital stay. Their lives won’t be the same, and they will need a new routine that reflects their new reality. Most seniors thrive on routine so having one in place will help them recover. To help your senior parent establish a new routine you can do things like help them set a morning alarm, make sure they eat their meals at set times, and designate different portions of the day for different tasks.

Have Realistic Expectations

It’s also important for both seniors and family members to have realistic expectations of how long recovery will take. A frank and honest discussion with your senior parent’s doctor should help both seniors and family members set realistic goals and expectations for recovery.

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